Ciel is a rural Western Australia model, dancer and performer. She has been modelling on and off for seven years now, focusing on fine art nude and alternative modelling. She practices hula hooping, fire performing and pole dancing. 

Ciel sees the human body as a blank canvas, capable of being twisted & shaped into amazing art. She has a bubbly personality and likes to have fun while working hard to contribute to quality artwork. Her body modifications offer an opportunity to add unique and dramatic imagery to your portfolio. Ciel has an extensive wardrobe and makeup kit and can offer high quality makeup and styling to fit a variety of concepts.

See her full portfolio here and note that her current hair is reflected in the image above (credit

Alice is a Melbourne based model with eight years experience focusing on fine art nude work. She describes herself as an artist first and foremost with a passion for coffee, travel and fitness. Alice has experience in aerial work (pole and lyra), low level contortion, ballet basics and yoga. She draws on these skills to create unique shapes for photographers to capture.

Alice thrives in a collaborative environment and always gives 100% to help her photographers bring their concepts to life. She has plenty of experience in the studio but really comes into her element at outdoor shoots where she can become one with her surroundings. Alice prefers fine art nude themes but is open to lingerie concepts that are art based, such as vintage boudoir. She is open to sunrise shoots and doesn’t mind an early start to capture the golden light!

See her full portfolio here and get in touch for bookings!

Credits: Dave Exx; Moko Imagery; Act of Inception; Moko Imagery; Moko Imagery; JFD Photography.