“If it wasn’t for Cheyanne of La Nu Model Agency, I wouldn’t be the photographic model I am today. Cheyanne is always a joy and pleasure to work with. Cheyanne is extremely reliable, has professional resources, and is a wonderful mentor with outstanding communication and talent abilities. Her guidance and contacts have enabled me to achieve great results in many different forms of media & my overall modelling career. ” – Ciel Akasha, La Nu Model.

“As an amateur enthusiast photographer, I have been fortunate to work several times with Cheyanne, an accomplished and talented model. Invariably those projects were rewarding and faultless experiences from contact to completion. I was very pleased to learn that she had formed Lanu Model Agency which addresses several shortfalls I had experienced elsewhere. Those specifically involved prompt, effective communication, organisation and professional management of deposits plus cancellation policy. Since the agency was formed I have engaged several models through them for personal shoot projects. On every occasion those models have been talented, enthusiastic, professionally friendly, prompt, motivated and genuinely involved to assist me to achieve the creative results I had hoped for. I am happy to recommend, without reservation, this agency to professional or amateur photographers at any level.” – Geoff Hopkinson, Brisbane Photographer.

” Very good model agency to work with, which is run by a great owner. I have worked with six of the model who are signed with this agency who have been professional and great models to work with. Highly recommended ” – Steve Italiano, Perth Photographer

“La Nu is a new agency with signed models who are the creme de la creme of the new artistic and creative talent of the modern nude. I strongly recommend the agency for its novelty, its organisation and its commercial practices.” – Steven Solheim, Melbourne Photographer.

“I have used La Nu model agency several times and have had only positive experiences. The models are brilliant to work with and the agency is always working to make sure that both the photographer and the model are always in contact. Cheyanne is always able to make sure that all parties achieve the desired outcome from the photographic experience, I would recommend her agency to anyone.” – Richard Lancaster, Perth Photographer.