Ciel Akasha is embarking upon what may be her final tour! She is touring Melbourne February 14-21 – be sure to catch her as she may not return!

Ciel is a Western Australia based model, with eight years experience modelling on and off. She is a dancer and fire performer and her alternative style lends itself well to eccentric concepts, though she is just as comfortable posing classically in studio.

Check out her profile and portfolio here.

Abbi Bunnie’s first 2023 tour is to MELBOURNE from March 11 to 19.

Abbi is a Western Australia based model from the Phillipines. She is a qualified makeup artist and can offer any look to suit your theme. Dynamic and daring, sultry and sweet – Abbi is the quintessential chameleon of modelling!

Click here to view her profile and portfolio, and email us at for all enquiries.